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Using a Spy Cam App to Monitor Your Children
  1. How to Turn Your iPhone 6S into a Spy Camera
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Recordings can be shared by email and are secured by a PIN code. There is also the option of recovery mode which allows you to recover accidentally deleted recordings.

How to Turn Your iPhone 6S into a Spy Camera

Without it, a delete stays permanent. Launch this app and hit the ON button to begin. It will only start audio recording when there is a loud enough sound.

When the iPhone screen is off, you can launch the app by pressing the iPhone power button. It has 2 recording modes — more or unique files. It will then record to a new file if there is another sound. Top Secret Audio TSA Recorder works like a picture-viewing app where you swipe left and right to view different pictures. However, the app starts recording the moment you tap on the picture.

You can add your own pictures or use the ones that came with the app. Since there is no recording interface, no one will know that you are recording audio.

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You can also passcode lock your recorded files for added security. Files can then be shared or extracted through iTunes. Another photo-taking app, but this one has no shutter sound. You can also set the photos to not have any preview mode.

How to Scan for Networked Cameras

That way, no one will know you are really taking photos. This app makes you feel like a spy on a mission as you can choose different scopes to look through the camera of your iPhone. To take a picture, simply tap the bottom left corner button of the camera. ReconBot is a stealth video recording app that shows a black screen while it records a video.

Method 1 – AtHome Video Streamer – Free

All your recordings can then be stored securely within the app which has a dot lock system. Recordings can be trimmed and shared via email. You can also enable location on your iPhone to determine where the recording happened. This app explores the feed from many live cameras around the world. It is not known how they have access to these cameras as nothing is stated on their app page. However, it is fun to scroll through security cameras from all around the world. RemCam is also a great way of finding your own phone or tablet if you lost it or it was stolen.

FlexispY feature reference All. What you can do with RemCam - our spy camera feature There are many benefits to using our spy camera feature.

Spy cam app for iphone app

Why you need our spy camera feature RemCam is a remote spy camera app feature that allows you to see through the camera of a mobile device — like a second pair of eyes. Benefits for Parents The peace of mind that comes with knowing your children are safe should not be underestimated. Benefits for Employers With RemCam you can ensure employees who work from home are at their computers when they are billing hours or that teams who have offsite visits are actually at the site.

Benefits for Individuals Individual users are installing our remote spy camera app on their own devices — as well as those of their loved ones — to increase safety.

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Featured In. And if you happen to have a good reason to suspect that someone might be keeping tabs on you, it is imperative that you take the appropriate steps. And the very first step should be to search your surroundings for hidden cameras. Fortunately, your iPhone can be an invaluable tool in this regard. By making clever use of some of its functions, your phone can pull double duty as an anti-camera gadget.

So in the interest of helping you preserve your privacy, this article will explain four ways you can detect a hidden spy camera using an iPhone.

Naturally, this also applies to hidden cameras. Make sure to cover the entire room and listen carefully for any interference — buzzing, crackling, etc. However, if a certain spot is regularly causing this to happen, you might be on to something. Certain spy cameras rely on infrared lights, which are normally invisible to the human eye.